The UF Web Content Management (WCM) was formed in Fall 2011. This committee has the responsibility to supervise the university’s web publication needs and the potential changes for future enhancement. The WCM was integrated by two Assistant Deans, the UF Director of Marketing, two faculty members, and a number of other UF administrators.

In 2013 the WCM was reorganized to determine the new web Content Management System (CMS). The team was comprised primarily of IT experts from several disciplines (web design, web programming, social media, and infrastructure).  UFIT representatives from units across campus and UF Purchasing were also included in the proecss.  During the selection for the new content management system, several vendors were vetted and finally the team recommended TERMINALFOUR (T4) as the new system for UF.

Version 8 - Coming Soon

As with any major new version of software the vendor has discovered a number of bugs in the latest release of TERMINALFOUR (all to be expected) and they prefer to resolve them on their side as opposed to on the live environment. However, we know that you are all eager to get your hands on v8.

Get started now.