Terminal Four

In late Fall 2011, the UF Web Content Management (WCM) task force was formed. Its members included two Assistant Deans, the UF Director of Marketing, two faculty members, and a number of other administrators with strong insight into the university’s web publication needs and the potential for future enhancement.

In 2013 the WCM was reorganized to complete the selection process. The team was comprised primarily of IT experts from several disciplines, including web design, web programming, social media, and infrastructure; additionally, representatives were selected from both UFIT and units from across campus as well as UF Purchasing. Several vendors were vetted and the task force recommended TERMINALFOUR (T4).

Proper training is required for all users before their website in T4 can be created or prior to being used. Below is the procedure for gaining access to T4.

  1. The Department’s Webmasters must complete the Site Request in T4 Form, here: TERMINALFOUR New Site Request
  2. All users must complete the required training in T4. To enroll in T4, submit your request here: TERMINALFOUR Enrollment
  3. Submit the Request for Access form that is provided at the end of the course to your Department’s webmaster.
  4. Provide your Department’s Security Approver (DSA) with your T4 Security Role request. T4 roles vary according to your position and what you are able to modify on your department’s website. The T4 Roles and their definitions are provided to you in both training courses.

NOTE: The procedure for requesting Security Roles may vary across departments. Check with your supervisor to determine the best method communicating the role request to your DSA. Click here to enroll in the TERMINALFOUR Training Course. Also note that hosting is not included with TERMINALFOUR. You will need to provide space to host your site.

Click to download Web Developer and End-User training materials (requires GatorLink authentication).