CTA Showcase


A showcase of call-to-action buttons on a website or webpage serves the purpose of prompting users to take specific actions, making these actions easily accessible and visually enticing, ultimately driving user engagement.

On-page Example

To preview a live example of the component or inspect the code, click the link below

Call to action showcase example 

Component Specifications

Item/Field Description Required/Optional
Title Field type: Single line text field
Text: H2
Character Recommendation: 25
Wrapping: Single line 
Description Field type: Multi line text
Text: Paragraph
Character Recommendation: 90
Wrapping: Single line
CTA Showcase
Field Type: Button field
Hover: Orange dotted line will go away and words will
update in gray button
Number: Up to 3, fewer will center 
Button -
Field Type: URL
Includes option to open in a new tab
CTA Link Title   Character Recommendation: 20
Wrapping: Single line 
CTA Link Subtext  Character Recommendation: 95
Wrapping: Wrap to two lines Shows on hover
Mobile Response  Buttons will be stacked below text and image  NA
Page Placement Will display at the bottom of the page above the
Accessibility Buttons are included in tab through, and active state
will duplicate the hover state. Tab through will
advance through the buttons from left to right. 

When to Use

The right time to use a call-to-action button showcase is when you want to guide users toward specific actions or goals, such as encouraging them to engage with content, as it helps drive user interaction and conversions, making it particularly effective in marketing and user engagement strategies.

When to Consider Something Else

The complexity of desired user actions should guide the decision to use a call-to-action button showcase, as straightforward actions may be better served by simpler elements like text links, while complex processes benefit from dedicated forms or interactive tools for clarity and ease of use.

How to Use

Refer to Wordpress documentation for full guidelines of usage in Wordpress. 

Accessibility Tips

To ensure accessibility in call-to-action button showcases, use clear and descriptive text, ensure sufficient color contrast, enable keyboard navigation, provide informative tooltips, and test with assistive technologies, ensuring usability for all users, including those with disabilities.





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