About the UF Mercury Theme


The new UF template is referred to as the Mercury Theme.  Theme components are available to colleges and departments.  Many of the components currently found on the ufl.edu website are available for use.

UFIT Web Services only supports users in the UFIT Hosted content management systems  TERMINALFOUR and WordPress Multisite.

Web Managers and technical users are able to use the self-service option and access the Mercury Theme Base Code Assets by visiting the Brand Centers website.


Mercury Pattern Library Mission Statement


The goal of the Mercury pattern library is to ensure consistent branding, design, and user experience across the University of Florida's digital interfaces and websites. As a centralized resource, Mercury provides reusable design components, guidelines, and best practices specific to UF. By promoting consistency, Mercury helps to establish a cohesive visual identity, enhances usability, and saves time and effort for designers and developers.

It fosters collaboration, alignment, and scalability, which enables UF's digital presence to evolve while maintaining adherence to accessibility standards. Ultimately, Mercury aims to create a seamless and user-centric experience for UF's digital audience. Please feel free to reach out and provide feedback on anyways to improve and better serve the UF Community at large through the feedback form.