version 1.1

Mercury Design Kit

Last updated: April 1, 2024
  • 🚀 New Microsoft Team for Design Kit Users: We've created a dedicated Microsoft Team for our design kit users This team will serve as a central hub for questions, bug reports, and updates related to the design kit.
  • Font Updates: The file fonts have been upgraded to Gentona TT. This change aligns with the offerings from the Brand Center, ensuring consistency and a smoother experience for new users of the kit. If you were using Gentona successfully before, be sure to download Gentona TT from the Brand Center now to enjoy the update.
  • Social Shell Component: The Social Shell component has been temporarily removed from the current version. We are actively working on its availability and will keep you informed of any developments.
  • Faculty/Staff Components: We've updated the naming convention of related components to faculty and staff listings. We also fixed an inconsistency between the Figma component and the T4 content type.
  • Footer Logo Bug Fix: A bug affecting the footer logo has been corrected. Users can now edit the department logo text and it should resize properly to hug the text content.
  • Hero Image Hover Fix: The issue with the hero image consistency on hover has been resolved. Users will no longer encounter any unexpected behavior when prototyping with this element.