Embeds - Lottie animations


Inserts a lightweight, scalable, and interactive Lottie animation to enhance the visual appeal and user engagement of the website.

When to Use

  • To add interactive animations to your website
  • For enhancing user engagement and visual appeal
  • When you need a lightweight and scalable animation solution

When to Consider Something Else

  • If the animation does not add value to the content or user experience
  • When the animation may cause accessibility issues or distract users

How to Use

  • Place the Lottie animation container where you want the animation to appear on your page
  • Replace the placeholder [LOTTIE JSON URL] with the actual URL of the Lottie JSON file you want to use
  • Adjust the animation properties, such as speed, loop, and autoplay, as needed

Accessibility Tips

  • Ensure that animations do not autoplay for more than 5 seconds, or have a pause control
  • Provide an alternative text description of the animation for users with visual impairments