Event Shell


List of calendar events from Livewhale in a horizontal slider format. Link goes to calendar event page. Events can be manually added or automatically pulled from Livewhale.

On-page Example

To preview a live example of the component or inspect the code, click the link below

Event Shell Example

Component Specifications

Item/Field  Description Required/Optional
Section Title Field type: Single line text
Text: H2
Character Recommendation: 24
Wrapping: Single line
Card Client Defined. The client will need to create a link to
the shell to create the cards or styling. 
Event Day Field type: Single line text  
Event Time Field type: Single line text  
Event Title Field type: Single line text  
Event Text Field type: Single line text   
Event Destination Field type: URL field
Includes option to open in a new tab
Pagination  Interaction: Arrows clicked to advance to next page,
loops at end.
Hover: Arrow changes to orange
Button Field type: Button field
Text: Styled text
Character Recommendation: 30
Wrapping: Single line
Hover: Orange outline closes and background
changes to grey
Number: Up to 2 
Mobile Response  Only the first card displays on page load, user may
swipe to view additional cards 
Page Placement Full Width  NA
Creation Client defined NA
Accessibility Cards are included in tab through, and active state
will duplicate the hover state. Tab through will
advance through the cards from left to right.

When to Use

Use this instead of Calendar widget when showcasing specific calendar events. The event shell is compact, and can store multiple events in a space smaller than Calendar widget. The event carousel works best when there are more than 6 events in the list.

When to Consider Something Else

Use different calendar option if there are less than 6 events to display.

Use calendar widget content type if trying to display all events from UF or a specific department. 

How to Use

Manual Event Shell - Use 2 content types Manual Event Shell as the starter block and Event Shell Event to list the events. Create an Event Shell Event for each event. 

Event Shell Widget - This will automatically list events from Livewhale using a Livewhale widget ID. Create a widget using the Widget Library and filter event listings using the options, and copy the widget ID from https://calendar.ufl.edu/livewhale/?widgets