News Card Template


Displays row of news card items with option to load more. Each card displays a title, optional image, date, and description for a news card item. A Load More buttons loads more rows of news cards when clicked.

On-page Example

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News Card Template Example 

Component Specifications

Item/Field Description Required/Optional

Inspiration site:
Lazy load
Sort by most recent first

Card Number: 15
Hover: turns gray
Click: Redirect user to associated article page
Card - Image Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Image Dimensions: 509x384
Card – Title Field type: Single line text
Text: Paragraph
Character Limit: 80
Wrapping: Wrap to 3 lines
Card – Date Field type: Calendar or date fields
Text: Paragraph
Wrapping: Single line
Card - Description Field type: Multi line paragraph
Text: Paragraph
Character Limit: 120
Wrapping: Wrap to 6 lines
Mobile Response  Cards will stack NA
Load more button Will load 6 more cards at a time  
Accessibility Cards will be included in tab through and focus state
will mimic hover 
Item/Field Description Required/Optional

When to Use

  • When there are multiple news cards to display -- at least 3. Initially, up to 15 cards are loaded and clicking the Load More button loads 6 more news cards at a time.

When to Consider Something Else

  • When there are fewer than 3 items.
  • When the description is longer than 120 characters
  • When there is no date, since date is a required field

How to Use

Create a news card for each news item. Add a title, date, and description, with an optional image - the title is limited to 80 characters and the description is limited to 120 characters.

Accessibility Tips

Card will turn gray on hover and be included in page tab through.

Commonly Used



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