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Slider for news articles

On-page Example

To preview a live example of the component or inspect the code, click the link below

Slider Post Example

Component Specifications

Item/Field  Description Required/Optional
Title Field type: Single line text
Text: H2
Character Recommendation: 20
Wrapping: Single line
Card/Inner Block Link: Entire card area is clickable
Hover: transparent orange overlay appears on hover
Number: 30 cards
Populated: Dynamically populated from associated
Card – Image Field Type: Media upload/select field
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Optimal Image Dimensions: 400x300
Card – Title Field type: Single line text
Text: Paragraph
Character Recommendation: 80
Wrapping: Wrap to three lines
Card – Description Field type: Single line text
Text: Paragraph
Character Recommendation: 120
Wrapping: Wrap to three lines 
Pagination Scroll with orange bar area to view additional articles NA
Field: Slide
Field type: Button field
Text: Styled text
Character Recommendation: 20
Wrapping: Single line
Hover: Button rule slides over
Mobile Response Only the first card displays on page load, user may
swipe to view additional cards 
Page Placement  Full Width  NA
Creation Created as an on-page element, content dynamically
populated based on news-site categories 
Accessibility Cards are included in tab through, and active state
will duplicate the hover state. Tab through will
advance through the cards from left to right. 
Use Cases Section, Audience NA

When to Use

To featured news articles and blog posts.

When to Consider Something Else

Consider something else if not news, blog post, or the content won't work well in a horizontal slider format. Slider can fit maximum of 30 articles if need, more than that and should use alternative content-type.  Alternative is Visual Navigation which is grid structure. Carousel is another alternative if don't need to show more than 1 item at a time.

How to Use

T4: Name is Slider content type, pulls all Slider Card content type from same section. Slider Card content type must be created to look correctly.

Wordpress: Pulls most recent posts (News) regardless of what page its placed on. Needs to make posts to look correct.

Accessibility Tips

Use alt tags for images.

Commonly Used




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