Best Practices


UF Web professionals provide, provision, manage, populate, administer and oversee Web services. All Web services, Web pages, Web sites, Web applications, etc. must comply with UF policies.

Best practice for Web Services include:

  1. Hosting
    • Services should be hosted on UF servers.
    • Services may be hosted on external servers under appropriate contracts.
    • All domains must be recorded with CNS consistent with the Domain Name Policy regardless of hosting location.
    • All services should allow UF related scans and crawlers for security and indexing purposes when appropriate.
  2. Administrative Staff
    • Services provided within the UFL.EDU namespace should be managed by UF staff.
    • Services provided within the UFL.EDU namespace may be managed by non-UF staff under appropriate contracts.
    • Services associated with non-UFL.EDU name space may be provisioned and administered by UF staff under contract with external groups.
    • UF staff should conduct an annual inventory of services provided, identifying responsible parties, administrators and contracts.
  3. Business Purpose
  4. Security and Data