Site Alert

This content type is used in the Alerts section to create a site wide alert that is added to the bottom of the main menu or as a large modal style alert that displays over the page and must be dismissed.

  1. Name
    • Name is a required field in T4 and is not used other than for reference with this content type.
  2. Alert Type
    • The type of alert, e.g. Emergency, Severe Weather, etc.
  3. Alert Name
    • A name for the alert.
  4. Alert Location
    • The location where the alert is active.
  5. Short Description
    • A short description for use in the alert box.
  6. Content
    • An expanded description of the alert.
  7. Resources
    • An unordered list of links to additional resources.
  8. External Link
    • An external link to more information.
  9. Hide large modal?
    • Check this box to hide the large modal and only display the banner under the main menu.

Small Alert


Large, Modal Alert