WordPress FAQs

Your department’s system administrator or technical contact will work with Web Services to migrate your website over. Begin by submitting a work request here: https://webservices.it.ufl.edu/contact/work-request/ 

There are three permission levels available to users external to UFIT in WordPress multisite.  WPMS Training is required for all user roles.

  • UF_WORDPRESS_WEB_SITE_ADMIN Admin (Web Managers or Technical Support) - - Submit the request to add a site and request plug-ins, in addition to the roles of the WordPress _Editor
  • UF_WORDPRESS_EDITOR (End User)-  allows users to publish their own pages, manage tags, edit, delete, modify their own pages.
  • UF_WORDPRESS_AUTHOR   (End User) - allows users to edit, delete, modify their own pages.

For some, your business process may look different.  

Access – Users will be authenticated via GatorLink 

Rights – Three levels of permissions are granted (Admin, Editor, Author)  

Roles - ARS roles are required Administrator/Super Admin  

Training – Everyone in the WPMS will be required to complete the appropriate User training.  

No. All plug-ins are installed by the UFIT System Administrators.

To address security concerns, all plug-ins must go through a risk assessment and submitted to IRM. The technical contact for each website is responsible for initiate the request to IRM. FastPath has a list of all approved IT solutions listed on their website. Check here before submitting your risk assessment.  https://irm.ufl.edu/fast-path-solutions/. To request to add a plug-in, users must complete this form: 

Most users will not have direct access to the code, however, test and development environments are available to users of to build out their content in WPMS. 

For information about the risk assessment process visit https://irm.ufl.edu/fast-path-solutions/.

Yes. UFIT only supports the official UF theme in WPMS.

Yes. A nominal fee of $9.00/mo is required for UFIT WordPress Multisite hosting. Visit our "Getting Started" webpage for details. Note: test and prod sites will incur separate fees

  • WPMS offers a secured web content management system. 
  • Standardized and vetted plugins 
  • Consistent web presence  
  • UF web template that meets accessibility standards across wcms.  
  • Align with the mission of Strategic Communications and Marketing by enriching the value and impact of UF with a unifying voice. 
  • Increased work productivity with centralized hosting by freeing time of web developers, designers and administrative support staff to focus on other institutional priorities. 
  • UFIT central tech support  

Yes, customers will have access to a test environment.

UFIT offers limited assistance for customized websites in the web content management system.  A fee may be involved for additional work beyond the UF official branded UF template. To request a consultation email webmaster@ufl.edu

No. UFIT will continue to fully support T4 users.

We encourage all to utilize WordPress Multisite.  There are several UFIT supported options the customer may explore: 

  • Self hosting - visit: https://hosting.it.ufl.edu/pricing/ 
  • Fee for service - UFIT Web Services offers assistance for customized websites for a nominal fee. To request a consultation, email webmaster@ufl.edu.  
  • UFIT does not support work performed by outside vendors 

UFIT Web Services supports the UF template that has been approved by UF Strategic Communications and Marketing.  Customers are allowed to use their own themes. Custom themes are approved on a client by client basis. The department’s technical contacts should always request a consultation with UFIT Web Services staff to review their website prior to onboarding into WPMS.

If a plugin has been approved by Integrated Risk management and listed in FastPath solutions there is a likelihood that it will be installed. WordPress Multisite (WPMS) plugins are vetted at several levels.  Security, Functionality, and Compatibility. The details for each consideration can be found on UF Web services website.  There may be instances where the plugin passes a risk assessment of security, but will not function properly in the approved theme or on the system’s server that UFIT supports. The department’s technical contact should always request a consultation with UFIT Web Services staff to review the plugin prior to requesting a website in WPMS.

With TERMINALFOUR UFIT hosted WordPress Multisite (WPMS) plugins are installed by the UFIT Web Developers or System Administrators. UFIT Web Services updates the approved UF theme and associated plugins.  Technical contacts are expected to manage their own custom plugins and themes and coordinate the installation with UFIT Web Services. Users are notified via email prior to any system changes to review their test instance. Updates for WPMS are pushed to production after two business days from the initial email notification on the test site. 

UFIT only supports the templates that are approved by Strategic Communication and Marketing. Additionally, following UF digital standards is only part of web compliance. Maintaining a cohesive look and unified web presence is essential.  We strongly encourage technical managers to reach out to their Department’s web manager or IT Director for direction on implementing templates that veer from the top level domain of the College or Department.