Custom Site Code

This content type is used in the _site-config section to enable custom code to be included at the bottom of every page. This code is output exactly as entered. There is also the option for a link to a JS or CSS file to be included in the page code, as well as a file upload box to be output directly to the section as-is. As of August 2016 this content piece can also be used in any section to include the elements only for that section.

  1. Name
    • Name is a required field in T4 and is not used other than for reference with this content type.
  2. CSS File
    • Select a CSS file to be linked in the head of the page below the main style.css.
  3. JS File
    • Select a JS file that has been uploaded to the media library to have it linked at the very bottom of each page.
  4. Code
    • This large text box will be directly included in the HTML code of every page.
  5. File
    • This file will be output as is in the directory that the piece of content is in.