Getting Started with WordPress Multisite (WPMS)

Customized themes are not supported by UFIT Web Services.   Services beyond the standard onboarding of customers and requests for technical assistance are subject to billing at a rate of $100.00/hour. For additional details email  

1. Identify a technical contact for your website

Note:  Primary Web Coordinators (PWC) or Technical contacts must submit the PWC request form before submitting the ADD WordPress Multisite form  

2. Complete the required training  


Pre-requisites and ARS Roles


Completion Time


WordPress Multisite for End Users 

UF_ITT363_OLT (non-technical) 

Basic knowledge of file editing and structure

Corresponding ARS roles: 


Administrative support staff, content editors, approvers, WordPress Authors & Editors


:15 -:30 min 



WordPress Multisite for Technical

Administrators UF_ITT359_OLT

In-depth knowledge of file structure, HTML, Web Design, and traditional web publishing

Corresponding ARS roles:


In-depth knowledge of file structure, HTML, Web Design, and traditional web publishing


:30 min 


3. Acquire the Access Request System - Only one (1) ARS role per web platform is allowed. To acquire an ARS role, you must make a request to your 
Department’s Security Approver (PDF | 37KB) .(DSA) 

Please note:

  • UF_WORDPRESS_SYSTEM_ADMIN  (UFIT Web Services and Super Admin rights only)
  • UF_WORDPRESS_WEB_SITE_ADMIN  (Technical Users only)

4. Request a WPMS hosted account with Infrastructure Communications and Technology. Fee $9.00/mo

5. Submit the request to WordPress Multisite Add User. This request can only be submitted by the Primary Web Coordinator for your Department. If you would like to set up a sandbox account, fill out the Sandbox Signup form.