Page Layouts

With the UF 2015 Template in TERMINALFOUR there are four different types of Page Layouts that can be used. Each layout contains at least the header and footer along with some other code specific to the layout.

Homepage Layout

This layout is used for the homepage. This template does not add the section/content name to the HTML page title. This layout is otherwise very similar to the Inner – Blank page layout.

Inner – Alpha List

This layout is used to create an alphabetical list with jump controls. Use this template with the following content types:

Inner – Blank

This layout creates a page with only header and footer elements and is otherwise blank in-between. Use this layout to create rich landing pages with the following content types:

Inner – General

This layout creates a generic page with title, breadcrumbs and a left hand navigation. This is the workhorse page layout for most general content and should be used with the following content type: