After an extensive review of several systems, the UF Web Content Management team decided to move forward with TERMINALFOUR. The team's suggestion was based on:

  • Security
  • Architecture
  • Maintenance.
  • Ability for staff to manage and update content.
  • Ease of migration from WordPress and HTML
  • Experience with Higher Education Institutions

TERMINALFOUR is a web content management system that is easy to use and scalable.  Higher Education Institutions around the globe have adopted TerminalFour to maximize their online presence.  T4 has offices in Ireland, North American, Australia and the UK.

  • The university will be standardizing it’s web presence on  a common tool.
  • The service will be centrally managed and supported.
  • Cost savings on licensing and hardware for departments and colleges.
  • Non-IT staff can manage content and web developers will be able to focus on development.
  • Increased functionality and easier reuse of content across our websites.

Not at this time.

There are many benefits in setting up your website in TERMINALFOUR. Silo websites are what UFIT is trying to address.

  • T4 users have access to up to date templates
  • Content can be edited and managed by novice user or a temporary employee. Even those with no html experience can edit a page.
  • The UF template is already in t4. If branding or a link changes at the higher level, then the template will be updated automatically.
  • As the technical staff leave or transfer jobs, it is easy to add and remove employees without losing the ability to update the template.
  • Most importantly, once the site is up in t4 the Web Developer can spend time creating and being innovative.

No.  Requesting a channel is just a matter of creating a folder to hold content for your website.  No commitment required.

431 errors occur from the utilization of Google Analytics 4 and the way ‘cookies’ are stored. It address the problem, you should clear your cookies. If you need guidance on how to clear your cookies and cache, follow the link to the UF Help Desk  https://helpdesk.ufl.edu/self-help/web-browser-troubleshooting/

Yes, you can view tutorials for TERMINALFOUR at T4 Training. We recommend that the Webmaster of your department take the TERMNALFOUR Web Developer course prior to onboarding end users. Prior to onboarding all new accounts for full access, the user will need to review the training material online available through TERMINALFOUR course site. After completing the modules, the user will need to contact their Departmental Security Advisor (DSA) to request role in TERMINALFOUR.

Yes, online training will be available for technical and non-technical training. All requests for services can be made by submitting a Work Request form http://webservices.it.ufl.edu/contact/. More information on support and services will be available at a later time.

Once Web Services has received your enrollment request, you will be placed in the course. There is no approval process to be enrolled.

Yes. A "sandbox" is available for all users taking training to allow the user to work with TERMINALFOUR before gaining access to the system.

Web Developers, Webmasters, and Technical Trainers are encouraged to complete the training before setting up accounts for their Department’s End-Users. After completing the TERMINALFOUR Technical training, the department's Primary Web Coordinator (PWC) will need to make their request to Web Services to establish an account.

The webmaster of your department must first request that their website be provisioned by submitting the T4 Website Request form, and the user must complete the required training course in Canvas at elearning.ufl.edu.

After completing the training course, units will be able to submit their request for access to TERMINALFOUR through the link that is in the course module or at the Web Services website.

Your role in TERMINALFOUR will determine what content you have rights to edit, modify, delete or add to your section.  T4 roles will be assigned at the end of the training course.

Roles in TERMINALFOUR are not the same as Security Roles. Security Roles are necessary to ensure that the users are able to access to different functions in the enterprise system.

Your Department's Security Approver (DSA) as well as the webmaster of your department will need to be provided with the completed TERMINALFOUR Access Request form. This form is obtained after completing the course modules.

Check with your supervisor to determine the best method for communicating the role request to your DSA.

Please allow up to two business days for your role to be processed after it has been entered into the system by your DSA.

No. Each Unit/Department will be placed in a Group. Only the Webmaster of that Group has the ability to configure the content for that Group.

  1. Successful completion of the required training
  2. Submit the Access to T4 Request Form to your DSA
  3. DSA enters into the system and the role is approved by the Security Approver
  4. Once the Security Approver has processed the request, allow two business days for the request to be completed
  5. Access Granted

Requests to add user(s) to department websites must be initiated by the department’s Primary Web Coordinator (PWC) for the website to which you would like to gain access. the PWC should submit the TERMINALFOUR Request Form to UFIT Web Services.

Web services does not provide technical support for customized TERMINALFOUR templates. Any questions, comments, or requests to change, or modify the approved UF branding, identity, and signature system should be emailed to: identity@admin.ufl.edu. The present Web standards are available on the Brand Center's website at https://brandcenter.ufl.edu/web-standards/

You are able to modify the T4 template to match your current theme, it only takes some understanding of HTML, however, Web Services will not be able to support any customized code.

Perhaps. T4 has a long list of features that are equivalent to those that can be found in WordPress or other CMS platforms.

T4 is centrally hosted, and doesn't actually serve HTML to end users. What is does is hold your content until it is approved and then it builds the HTML(or pl/php/aspx/etc) code and sends it to the web server that is defined with your initial request for T4 access. T4 then uses SFTP/SCP to transfer the built files to your server. This is normally done on a schedule, but can also be performed on demand.

Yes. T4 has a bulk uploader that limits file size to 50 mb. Make sure your PDF’s are optimized for the web. The vendor TERMINALFOUR has determined this as a safeguard to ensure that the system will not ‘time out’ which could otherwise occur for large uploads. 

Yes. T4 is a web content management system only and not a hosting service. You will still need a place to store your website and videos.

No. T4 not a resource hub for video files. Users will need to have a separate source for hosting video.