This content type creates a single biography for use in the biographies JSON file to enable randomized bio scroll content. This content type may be expanded upon in the future.

  1. Name
    • Name is a required field in T4 and is not used other than for reference with this content type.
  2. Person's Name
    • This is the person's name for the biography.
  3. Title
    • This is the person's title.
  4. Short Bio
    • Enter a short biography here, typically no more than 450 characters.
  5. Image
    • This is the person's picture. The face should be in the center of the photo to account for the responsive sizing of the image.
  6. Show in Bio Scroll
    • This option is currently unused.
  7. Affiliation
    • Select the person's affiliation from the dropdown menu.
  8. Publish Date
    • Select the publish date. This option is currently unused.

Note: This content type is currently only used for building a JSON file for use in the randomized bio scroll content type.