Wordpress Roles and Responsibilities

UFIT supports WordPress Multisite Web Content Management System.

Access Request System (ARS) Roles 



Ability to: 

  • Write, edit, and publish their own posts 


Ability to: 

  • Edit, delete, modify any content 
  • Add, edit, publish, any posts 


Administrative power over the departmental website.  

Ability to: 

  • add and delete users 
  • change user web roles 
  • import and exports files 
  • read access code repository 
  • Manage categories, tags, 
  • approve and publish ANY post or pages. 

Access granted to Primary Web Coordinators, Web Managers, Web Masters/Designers, Administrators and Technical Contacts. 


Administrative control of the UF Multisite web content management system (WPCMS).  

Ability to: 

  • Modify code configurations and repositories that can directly affect all users of the CMS.  

Access granted to a key technical contact in campus IT, such as System & Network Administrators, Web, and Application Developers.