UF Web List Registration

This document is an agreement between the UF Web Administrator and the University of Florida department or organization specified below to provide an information resource through the UF Home Page. The department or organization agrees to make its information resource available on a UF web server at the URL specified, to update the information on an agreed frequency and to provide maintenance and user support for this information. An exception can be made to allow a site that is hosted on a non-UF web server to be listed if the organization (center, institute, etc.) is partially funded/directed by the university.

The department or organization understands the implications of making this information resource available through networked access and therefore agrees to remain accountable for insuring the responsible use of this information resource consistent with Federal and State law and with university policies, rules and procedures.

The University reserves the right to remove access to the file or system through the UF Home Page in the case of non-compliance with this agreement. By completing this form, the department or organization has read and understands the guidelines set forth for web pages by the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).

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