Pay For Service Criteria

Labor Definitions 

 Custom work: 

Any application development, web development, or web design that requires building on a non-UFIT supported platform, architecting, or altering an approved pre-built template, or theme, or creating a new one that is not part of the existing component library to accommodate a specified customer’s request. There is no fee for initial consultation. 

 Website development: 

  • Customer request web services that require their project to be prioritized.  
  • Requests that extend beyond basic customer support in UFIT web content management systems. i.e. altering the template, modifying an existing page layout on their site, or creating a new component(s). 
  • Migrating or transferring content from one site, or platform, or copying content from one webpage to another 
  • Creating a new website or rearchitecting an existing website 
  • Researching new vendor tools, plugins, and widgets for a department/college, coordinating and implementing shibboleth, web hosting, and publishing, with Infrastructure Communications and Technology services, and being technical lead throughout the risk assessments process. 
  • Taking ownership as Primary Web Coordinator of departmental websites external to UFIT when there is no web or technical manager identified. 

Web Accessibility 

Assistance with setting up the website in SiteImprove, creating reports, and working with the technical manager to make web content accessible. 

Web design 

Request for web design that requires research, interpreting data analytics, user experience, customer journeys and designing mockups that are accessible with a web interface that visually represents findings.