Getting Started with T4

Step 1: Add your site to TerminalFOUR

Submit the request to add a TerminalFOUR Site. This request can only be submitted by the Primary Web Coordinator (PDF | 121KB) (PWC) for your Department.

Step 2: Complete TerminalFOUR Training

Enroll in one of the required TERMINALFOUR Training Courses. Successful completion is mandatory.




Completion Time


End User (Non-technical)


Knowledge of basic file structure

Administrative support staff

45 min. (Lectures and Quizzes)


Web Developer (Technical)


Advanced knowledge of file structure, HTML, Web Design and traditional web publishing

Primary Web Coordinators, Power Users, Webmasters, Developers, Technical Project Managers

2.5 hours (Lectures and Quizzes)


Step 3: Acquire ARS Role

TerminalFOUR roles affect what you are able to modify on your department’s website. Access Request Security (ARS) Roles are used to determine security clearances and must be obtained before gaining a T4 role. There are corresponding ARS roles for each T4 role (PDF | 59KB). To acquire an ARS role, you must make a request to your Department’s Security Approver (PDF | 37KB) .(DSA)

Fill out the TERMINALFOUR Add User form for each user being added to the system. When new users are added to the system, they will receive a T4 role (see above) corresponding to their ARS role.

Step 4: Add user to TerminalFOUR

Include in the request any groups the user needs to be a member of. Groups are used to give access to sites. An example would be if you needed access to you would request access to the group in the form.