Web Standards

The Importance of the Web Standards

The University of Florida, with its many colleges and departments, benefits from the varied perspectives that each unit brings. These Web Standards are designed to promote a consistent online environment through a standardized look and feel while accounting for the strengths and needs of each unit's websites.

Adhering to the UF Web Standards for your website will help:

  • create a strong and unified identity for The University of Florida
  • identify your organization as a member of the UF community
  • provide a better user experience for visitors
  • make your site more accessible, quicker, and more secure

The web standards and guidelines are a good starting point for making your sites more usable and accessible to visitors. This site only brushes the surface on many of the best practices covered - see the additional resources to delve deeper.

These guidelines are continually updated to stay current with the developing technology landscape. 


Organizational Websites

Organizational websites must comply with the Organizational Websites, Domain Name policy as well as all requirements of the UF Web Standards & Guidelines. Organizational websites should be reviewed annually for compliance by the site owner or technical contact. Domain information can be found at the Information Communications and Technology network services website. https://it.ufl.edu/ict/documentation/dns--dhcp-services/domain-information/ This is done in hopes of creating a strong and unified identity, provide a good experience for visitors and establish consistency for our decentralized university web presence.

Personal Websites

UF provides hosting space for personal websites for faculty, staff, and students, these personal websites are not official university sites. However, to ensure a safe and consistent hosting environment, these websites are expected to comply with all General and Security requirements. Compliance with the Electronic Information Technology Accessibility is required. Personal websites must not give the impression that they are representing, giving opinions or otherwise making statements on behalf of the university or any unit of the university unless appropriately authorized (explicitly or implicitly) to do so. Personal websites may not contain UF Web elements or other symbols of the university unless they pertain specifically to a university function. Refer to the design & branding standards for more information.